Welcome to Holy Cross College

HOLY CROSS COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS) TIRUCHIRAPALLI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA a famous higher educational Institution in India has been in the forefront of women’s education close to a hundred years. It was started for the benefit of young girls of Tiruchirappalli as early as 1923 when higher education for women was considered almost a transgression. Incepted by the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, France, the history of the college dates back to 1901. From its humble beginning, it has grown steadily, attained the status of a College in 1923, and became a Second Grade College in 1928 and a Post Graduate College in 1964. This Institute of Higher Education envisions a just and harmonious society where all people live in an inclusive society with life in its fullness.The college offers 24 Under Graduate Programs, 21 Post Graduate Programs, 13 Ph.D. Programs, 8 Diploma and Certificate Courses.

In India there are colleges which have achieved better standards of teaching and research by harnessing human and physical resources in innovative ways and where teaching and research are of high quality.


To reveal to all people, the merciful love of the father and the liberating power of the Paschal Mystery, through the ministry of education

In keeping with the vision, the college stands for an inclusive world with academic excellence, character formation, moral rectitude, intellectual integrity, and sound aesthetic sense, development of skills, courage and compassion


Strive to form academically excelling individuals committed to God and to a socially inclusive society, using all their endowments.

Based on the love of God and service to people as modeled in Jesus Christ, the College aims at forming individuals who will be committed to God and be agents of social change in the third millennium.

  • Holy Cross College was accredited by NAAC(National Assessment and Accreditation Council) with
  • Reaccredited by NAAC with ‘A++’ Grade in February 2020
  • Awarded ‘A ++’ Grade with (CGPA 3.75/4) In the fourth cycle of accreditation)
  • A good and holistic curriculum with persistent updating at regular intervals suited to global demands.
  • Committed and dedicated band of teachers bringing in innovations in teaching, learning and evaluation and providing rich theoretical inputs and practical experiences.
  • Physically and technically sound campus with adequate infrastructure to supplement the teaching learning process.
  • Regular conduct of resourceful workshops, seminars and orientation programs for staff and students to make them competitive and knowledgeable in accordance to current needs and demands.
  • Acknowledging the knowledge divide and reinforcing research endeavors by upgrading most departments to become research departments and encouraging the pursuance of major, minor and community oriented research projects, doctoral and M.Phil. programs and publication of papers in high impact journals.
  • Encourage and establish collaborations and expedite new ventures through wider networking and tie-ups and sign MOU’S with distinct institutions and individuals at the international, national and regional level.
  • Promote social connect and community involvement of students and staff through multifarious extension activities and outreach programs.

The College Offers:

  • 23 Under Graduate Programs
  • 21 Post Graduate Programs
  • 13 Ph.D. Programs
  • 8 Diploma and Certificate Courses.
UG Courses
PG Courses